Fighting prevention: Public transporters urged to be vigilant

Public transporters urged to be vigilant

As a continuous measure to ensure no one uses public transport means to transport illegal goods, the District Police Units of Rubavu and Musanze met with about 1100 commercial motorcyclists and cyclists on June 25 to strengthen the existing partnership to fight and prevent crimes.

In the two separate events, the motorcyclists and cyclists were reminded to always be vigilant not to facilitate criminality by either transporting wrongdoers or illegal merchandise like drugs and smuggled goods.

The meetings were in line with RNP’s community policing programme which brings on board specific groups and the general public to fight and prevent crimes.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Callixte Kalisa, District Police Commander of Rubavu, while speaking to about 400 members of UCOTMRU, a cooperative of motorcyclists in Musanze, urged them to closely work with security organs mainly through sharing information on anything suspicious.

“Most of drug traffickers use commercial motorcyclists to move drugs from one place to another. You should always remember that if such a person is caught on your motorcycle, you will as well be arrested and possibly charged for being an accomplice,” said the DPC

He went on to say that; “the only way you can avoid that is to always be vigilant with the people or luggage you transport and be quick to inform police for immediate response, and to protect the public.”

SSP Kalisa gave an example where on June 7, acting on information acquired from the public, police intercepted a truck with plate number RAB721W trafficking 400 kilograms of cannabis.

The head of UCOTMRU, Gafora Sentibagwe committed, on behalf of his colleagues, to be strong and active police adding that security and safety is for all people in Rwanda including motorcyclists.

In Musanze, the DPC Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Benoit Nsengiyumva also met with 700 commercial motorcyclists and cyclists and reminded them to always abide by traffic rules.

Besides, he also urged them to always be cautious of the kind of people they transport and refrain from aiding criminality just for the sake of money.

The head of CVM, another cooperative of cyclists in Musanze, Casmir Ngayaberura thanked RNP for reaching out to them and urged his colleagues to take the lessons seriously.

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