Police warns on Vehicle inspection

m_Police warns on Vehicle inspection

Rwanda Police reminds vehicle owners to take them for mechanical inspection in order to prevent mechanical faults fueled road accidents.

Police says that motorists involved in accidents after failing to implement the recommendations of the Vehicle inspection and technical control examinations, will not be legible to getting a penny from their insurers.

Traffic Police spokesman, Supt Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi says that the culprits of such scenarios will be liable to serious measures such as confiscating their vehicles, handling compensation of damages from their own pockets even if they are insured.

The move comes after four people were confirmed dead and several seriously injured in an accident that involved a truck carrying lumps of soil, which lost control swaying into pedestrians, motorists and buildings in Nyabugogo taxi park area on Sunday 25th May.

“They will have to leave their permits here and only use the paperwork from the Vehicle inspection. Those who will be found to be using their vehicles, violating these recommendations will have their cars impounded” says Supt. Ndushabandi

At the fateful accident which left many businesses in shock, eye witnesses say that the truck, registration number RAA 194L Benz type lost its brakes and rammed into vehicles and motorcycles which were coming from the opposite direction damaging eight motorcycles and eight vehicles and traffic lights, injuring 13 pedestrians.

Police says that the said truck, which caused the accident, had been taken to the Vehicle inspection unit on May 5th, and police recommended that its breaks should be worked on, but the driver used it without working on the mechanic problems.

“The driver had been given 14 days to first fix those mechanical faults and bring it back for final inspection which he defied and continued using it in that sorry state, which resulted into the deadly incident,” Supt. Ndushabandi explained.

Some residents of Kigali, however says that police should take tougher measures on motorist especially on vehicle in dangerous mechanical conditions (DMC’s).

Last month, in Musambira Trading center, in Kamonyi district, a similar accident was caused by a commuter bus, leaving 18 passengers dead and several injured.


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