Nyamasheke: New road to boost economy

New road to boost economy

Residents of Kagarama village, Kibogora cell, Kanjongo sector in Nyamasheke district can hardly hide they joy at the prospect of the new road in their area. The residents are bracing for improvements in their social-economic status.

Dr. Alexis Nzahabwanimana, State Minister in charge of Transport in MINIFRA (Ministry of Infrastructure) visited Nyamasheke residents on December 14th 2013 to inform them about the road construction.

It’s during his visit that he revealed that homesteads living in areas along which the road will pass would be compensated to give way for road construction.

New road to boost economy2

It’s in this regard that up to 289 homesteads were shifted from Tyazo-Mugonero road and compensated a total of Rwf799.5 million.

Residents were given one month notice besides compensation to shift so that road construction activities commence.

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