Muhanga: residents decry poor quality of newly constructed roads

residents decry poor quality of newly constructed roads

One of the district roads residents complain was shoddily done

The newly Constructed roads in Muhanga district are said to be of low standard because damages on the roads are evident in a short time after the construction.

This has caused discontent among residents who have expressed lack of faith in both the contractors and constructors of the roads.

The construction of the roads came as a relief to residents of Muhanga town because they stopped the dusty era in the place.

But since district administration began constructing the roads, the speed at which they developing potholes is alarming.

“Considering the speed at which the roads are deteriorating we are afraid that in the near future we will not access to different places in this district,” claimed a group of residents.

Such damaged roads are still believed to be damaging vehicles hence a very big threat to the people who use them.

According to the District Mayor Yvonne Mutakwasuku they are aware of the problem and are dealing with it effectively.

“This will help us find better contractors next time who can provide us with the long lasting roads next time”, said Mutaskwasuku.

She however said that the damaged roads were not yet opened because they want the contracted companies to come back and correct the mess they caused.

 “We are going to rebuild the damaged roads and we hope they will be properly constructed for the benefit of the district residents,” she said.

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