Nyamagabe: River Rwondo Bridge under construction

River Rwondo Bridge under construction

Residents of Mushubi and Nkomane sectors in Nyamagabe district who use Gasarenda -Gitovu road appreciated the construction of the small bridge at R. Rwondo which will be complete in few months.

“Access to Mushubi and Nkomane has been a problem since we just had to cross this river but with the construction of the bridge it is going to be easy”, said the area residents.

They added on saying that with this bridge they will be able to carry their goods to other areas which will contribute to development in these sectors.

“We had people to carry us from Mushubi to Nkomane and this was done at a cost which was a problem to many residents”, explained one resident of Mushubi Eugene Unkundiye.

These people had to wait for water to dry up during the rainy season which affected many of them especially those in business.

“Some of us had to sleep over in other people’s home in case it rained and the river was full”, added on Pelagie Mukamana another resident of the area.

Because this river did not have a bridge, this still affected children going to school since during the rainy season most of them had to miss classes.

This bridge is being constructed by the Rwanda Transport Development Agency [RTDA] and within few months it will be completed giving people easy access to the 2 sectors.

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