KBS assures safe and quick public transportation

Kigali Bus Service (KBS) that is one of the three transport contractors in Kigali city says the image of Kigali city has already improved with the implementation of the new transporting program.

The large queue of people, fighting for the cars, chaos among the people and the vehicles all over the town has slightly decreased only days after distributing a transporting company to zones in the new program.

“It looks like there is a holiday, people are no longer everywhere in town searching and fighting for taxis” says Charles Ngarambe the director of KBS while addressing journalists on Tuesday the 3rd.Aug 2013.

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One of the KBS bus making rounds in Kigali city

Charles Ngarambe explained that the vehicles for KBS transporting company are quick in the road, taking people to their destinations and are being limited by few cars so far. “To attend to this issue, we have made an arrangement with Prince Express Cooperative and we now have 111 vehicles out of 141 vehicles required in a period of 6 months.”

KBS promises to transport people within only 5 minutes of waiting especially during the morning and evening hours when people are going to and off work. For the redundant hours when there are no many passengers from 8hrs to 5hrs, people will not wait longer than 15 minutes.

 m_KBS assures safe and quick public transportation

The director of KBS (right) addressing the journalists on Tuesday 

The director of KBS explained that they are working on solving on the transport fares that is affected many people. “We are going to ensure a uniform fare depending on the journey of our customers. It would be helpful however, for regular travelers to make use of smart cards which are a lot cheaper.”

Ngarambe says KBS is grateful to be part of the new Kigali image with no chaos and rumbling people due to lack of transportation means. KBS operational zone is from Kigali city to all places in Kicukiro town and Remera and Rusororo areas in Gasabo district.

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