Heavy rains sweep roads in Kigali

Heavy rains sweep roads in Kigali

Heavy rains anticipated for the month of September have come in a heavy duty style sweeping away some roads in Kigali and leaving several roads blocked and businesses at a standstill.

Down pours and heavy winds on the evening of September 9 flooded Nyabugogo valley, which links several provinces to Kigali and swept off a couple of roofs and damaging several business.

Many motorists and business people in Kigali have less access to the Nyabugogo trading center, which is usually the access point for all trading activities for the city dwellers and upcountry communities.

Unlike in the past heavy downpours, this time around no one was reported killed despite the fact that some houses in Kimisagara and Muhima zones were destroyed by the storms that held the city for several hours of the night.

Mid this year, similar rains claimed for lives and swept several houses and cars under the Nyabugogo bridge. Though government has put up alerts on the residents living in high risk zones, the Nyabugogo area in Kigali remains the most dangerous spot during the rainy seasons due to poor sanitation and old bridges which hold only a minimum amount of rain waters.

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