Insurance legal officers acquire road safety skills

Insurance legal officers undergoing training
Nineteen legal officers from different insurance companies operating in Rwanda, on Monday started two-day training in road safety, a move aimed at further preventing traffic accidents that have become rampant in the country lately.
The training was organized by the by the Police and is being held at the force’s Ethics Centre in Kacyiru.
Superintendent Oscar Munanura, the director of Ethics centre said that partnering with various stakeholders is paramount in improving road security.
The insurers will cover areas of road accident prevention, insurance laws, traffic management, and customer care.
The ethics Centre was established in 2012 to improve the ethical, morals and standards of various stakeholders in policing. Over 1200 people, including transporters, have so far attained training from the centre.
Supt. Munanura urged insurance companies to offer quality and timely services to their clients.
Théobald Ndayisaba from Phoenix insurance company said the course is important to strengthen their performance.
Augustin Bizimungu, the legal officer of Sonarwa said they have been encountering challenges where some of the clients seeking compensation are actually not supposed to be remunerated.
“This training will therefore help us understand more the legal part in compensating our clients but also to be part of the campaign to improve road security,” Bizimungu said.

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