Rusizi Security Council focusing on reducing road accidents

With the last fatal accident that claimed the lives of 7 Congolese on the 18th.July 2013 in Rusizi district, the minister for security Hon. Musa Fazili Harelimana had a discussion with transportation agencies to reduce such accidents.

Rusizi Security Council focusing on reducing road accidents

Hon. Musa Fazili Harelimana (middle) in the security meeting

People who do transportation of people and their luggage were explained the lessons they should learn in good and bad conditions. The minister asked the transportation agencies to learn from the recent fatal accident and take necessary strategies to prevent more accidents especially in Kamembe – Buragama road.

“For the government of Rwanda to have constructed nice roads does not mean people will lose their lives due to high speed of the drivers. Accidents destroy a lot of things and apart from people’s lives; their input in the country’s development is lost” said the Minister.

The minister also asked the traffic security to also check the conditions of the vehicles that travel into Rwanda to avoid such fatalities in future. He asked the traffic police to always apply the Rwandan traffic rules to even non nationals and ensure people’s security.

Among the strategies set to reduce accidents in Kamembe – Buragama road include growing trees on the road and put rods making the road separate.

According to the traffic police reports in the last 3 months in the Kamembe – Buragama road, there have been 6 accidents, this is a terrifying truth that need to be stood against.

The transportation agencies as well as drivers that use this route who attended this meeting promised to work hard and do all they can to reduce these accidents that are most of the times fatal.

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