Youth in national service create 2 kilometres road

Youth in national service create 2 kilometres road

Martin Habimana, executive secretary of Nyamyumba sector in Rubavu district

Youth in national service in Kiraga cell, Nyamyumba sector in Rubavu district have created a 2 kilometres road to connect Rambo primary school and a vocational school being built in Nyamyumba sector.

Secondary school leavers decided to make the road to show their role after Bralirwa (Beverages Company) contributed for the building of a vocational centre in Nyamyumba sector.

Vestine Mukantagara, Rambo village leader who joined youth in the activity says every Rwandan should take part in setting up infrastructures and other development activities.

Mukantagara adds that every resident should strive to protect these infrastructures because they are the beneficiaries.

She asserts that the new road will increase the availability of infrastructures such as water and electricity attracting residents in hilly areas to come and live in exemplary villages.

Leonidas Semucyo, in charge of social affairs in Nyamyumba sector highlights that creating the road is among the ways to self-reliance since it will attract other development activities.

Youth on national service in sectors have done different activities which are considered solutions to the development of the residents and sectors in general.


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