Over 100 Police officers acquire aviation security skills


A cross section of trained police officers

A total of one hundred twenty seven Police officers completed a two-month Basic Aviation Security Course.

The training was conducted by Rwanda National Police in conjunction with Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA).

According to Police, the course aimed at equipping airport Unit police officers with the necessary skills to improve airport security.

During the two-month training, participants were given lectures in theory and practical subjects on international civil aviation, working at the airport, access control and.

Other skills acquired were recognition of explosive devices and other restricted items, area search procedures, patrolling and guarding, screening, searching passengers and their luggage, conventional x-ray and protection of aircraft on ground.

Speaking on behalf of other course participants, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Claudian said that the course was significant for the growing aviation industry in Rwanda where security is a pre requisite.

“We don’t not only value this course as a tool to better the framework of our working conditions but also a foundation upon which we shall pass over to enrich the knowledge of fellow operators who never got a chance to attend this course,” he said.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police Stanley Nsabimana thanked the participants and urged them to put into practice knowledge and skills acquired through the course.

He said that it is through such trainings that will help promote the good image of the institution and the public they serve.

“The effectiveness and efficiency are both important enabling factors that allow the attainment of organisational goals and objectives. I hope what you have learnt will help you deliver effectively, thus promoting the good image of the institution you represent and the public we all serve,” DIGP Nsabimana added.

The aviation industry in Rwanda is experiencing tremendous growth which calls for the need to increase security measures.

 The increasing airline traffic has translated into a significant increase in the frequency of aircraft movement registered at the airport from 9,406 in 2007 to 17,272 in 2011 with the passenger flow including arrivals, departures, transit and domestic totaling  376,918 in 2011 from 238, 909 in 2007.

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