Ngoma: Health Experts urge Motorcyclists to embrace physical exercises

Motorcyclists in Ngoma district have been urged to do physical exercises in order to avoid diseases related to lack of exercise.

 This comes after health experts said that motorcyclists have higher risks of getting diseases related to not exercising.

 This was revealed by Aphrodice Nambaje, the mayor of Ngoma district during the meeting with motorcyclists of whom a big number is consisted of youth in Ngoma district.

 The mayor asked the participants to fix some time and exercise their bodies to stay fit and healthy.

 “Choose days like Sundays when there are no passengers on the road and use it for body exercising,” he advises.

 Mayor Namabaje confirms that exercising is important for the working of the brain and individual discipline.

 Vedaste, head of motorcyclists association in Ngoma district said the football team for motorcyclists that had collapsed will be revived to help them exercise.

 The mayor of Ngoma district urged motorcyclists to be part of the sport campaign especially now that the government is emphasizing youth mass sport through schools.

In government and public institutions, employees have Friday afternoon every week for sports to avoid diseases.

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