Traffic Police reduces driving licence issuance to two weeks


Kigali residents doing a provisional licence exam at the National Stadium

The Traffic Police department has reduced the time of production and issuing of driving licence to two weeks.

The new development was announced by the Commissioner for Traffic and Road Safety Department CSP Felly Bahizi on Monday.

The process of acquiring a driving licence has been taking between two to three months from the date of submission of application forms.

“If applicants provide all the necessary details like names and ID numbers correctly, the licence will be delivered in just fourteen days,” said traffic boss.

He blamed previous delays to the flow in the software that could not detect errors during production process at traffic department level before reaching the National Identification Agency (NIDA).

“Errors such as ID numbers and Names, wrongly recorded, could only be detected at the National Identification Agency, which would delay production and issuing of driving licence as they would be brought back for correction,” said Bahizi.

Several reforms have been undertaken at the department and proper systems are now in place. They upgraded the software which now detects such errors before reaching NIDA, thus cutting down the production time.

According to Bahizi, application forms will also be collected by both driving schools and District Police Units (DPUs) traffic officers before handing them in to the Traffic and Road Safety Headquarters.

“Police has increased the number of skilled officers to manage the data. Also, a well selected and supervised team has been established to conduct the marking exercise,” he explained.

“Driving licence tests will be conducted one province after the other. By the time all the four provinces and Kigali City are finalized, results for the first two provinces will have been published on the police website.”

This, he said, is in line with the force’s process of improving service delivery and minimizing cases of fraud.

With upgrading of software all the 366 people, whose licence had not been issued for the last 15 months, due to such errors received them.

A cross section of people we talked to following this announced expressed satisfaction about the development.

“Three months was a long time for people who wanted the licences when they applied. Service in this department is truly improving to the better,” said Innocent Bayingana a resident of Kicukiro district in Kigali city.

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