Ruhango: Newly constructed bridge puts end to people’s misery

For the past 10 years, the residents of Buhanda cell in Murama sector in Bweramana sector would need people to carry them on their backs to cross the raging Rurongora River whenever it rained.

This is however history after the construction of the most beautiful and strongest bridge on this river.

Newly constructed bridge puts end to people’s misery

People being carried on backs to cross the river


These residents are always reminded of this horrible history by the heavy rains in the rainy season that made moving in the villages difficult and trade unheard of.

People would cross over by the help of young men who did the work to carry people on their backs to avoid getting into the over flooding river. These young men would be paid, for those who had no money, they would pass through the river on their own and the weak could wait till the river subsided and they would then cross.

Karambizi a resident in this sector says, “People who had no money to pay the young men with strength to be carry them on their backs would spend nights outside their homes. The river would over flood and people had to stay wherever they were, it was bad.”

Newly constructed bridge puts end to people’s misery 2

The newly constructed bridge

Apart from people’s lives being put in jeopardy by the over flooded river, trade had frozen, students would fail to attend school on time, people would miss medical appointments and others died in their homes with no medical attention. Many lost their live in this river trying to cross on their own Karambizi goes on to explain.

The Ruhango district administration with the help of local people put this misery to end in 2012 through constructing the bridge across this river. The construction of this bridge was worth Rwf30 million.

It was completed in February 2013 and it waits official inauguration.



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