Registration for Driving License tests kicks-off

Registration for Driving License tests kicks-off

During a practical Driving exam

The Traffic and Road Safety department of Police has opened lines to register those wishing to acquire provisional and definitive driving licences.

According to traffic spokesperson, Superintendent Jean Marie Ndushabandi, the tests will be conducted May 13th in Kigali.

“Those who wish to acquire a driving licence of any category should start registering now online, before lines close,” Ndushabandi said. Registration closes on May 3.

Traffic police say that those wishing to register to sit for provisional tests are supposed to send an SMS as ‘ID Number-space-Name of District-space-P-space-0’to 3126.

While those registering for the practical tests are required to send an SMS as ‘ID Number.-space-District name-space-Category required-space-Number of previous license obtained’ to 3126.

In Kigali, the tests will be conducted at Amahoro National Stadium, Kigali Regional stadium in Nyamirambo and Gahanga in Kicukiro.

Ndushabandi urged candidates to register and pay registration charges on time not to face hitches on the last minute.

Anyone seeking a provisional licence pays Rwf5, 000 while Rwf10, 000 is charged to those sitting for practical tests.

Ndushabandi explained that cheating in theory exams is punishable by “disqualification” while practical driving tests is a crime punishable law just like any other crime.

He urges those seeking driving license to prepare for the tests rather than relying on cheating which he says is almost impossible because there are measures in place to get such people who try it.

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