Rubavu: District fails to adhere to road maintenance rules

Dr Alex Nzahabwanimana, the State Minister of Transport at the Ministry of Infrastructure has denoted that Rubavu district administration misunderstood the instructions on road management.

   Rubavu: District fails to adhere to road maintenance rulesDr Nzahabwanimana revealed this on April 19th 2013 after his visit to Rubavu district to see bridges and roads that were destroyed by water.

Minister Dr Nzahabwanimana explains that the ministry of infrastructure gives to districts Rwf30.000 per kilometre for road maintainance saying the money should be given to residents to do the job and improve their lives.

Residents doing business on the road side where they should be given money to maintainThe minister was shocked to learn that instead of using Rwf30000 per kilometre that is sent every month to maintain roads in Kanama, Nyamyumba and Gisenyi sectors is kept in the district treasury until the tender is awarded to a contractor, which is against the instructions.

After finding out that cell and sector leaders know nothing about the money, Dr Nzahabwanimana said that the district authorities did not follow the rules and told them to employ residents and pay them first as one way of fighting poverty.

Residents blame authorities on roads that are being destroyed quickly after construction saying they are less concerned over following up on roads and maintenance.


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