Road accidents a ‘menace’ in Rwanda

Road accidents a ‘menace’ in Rwanda

Despite efforts to curb accidents on roads, deployment of traffic police personnel on every road in the country, accidents continue to claim lives through negligence and sheer lack of observing traffic regulation.

Accidents are slowly rising because of the continued carelessness in ignoring traffic rules as confirmed by the Chief Inspector of Police, Paul Butera, Director of Road Accident Directorate in Traffic Police department.

For example statistics in the month of March, 2013, indicate that 477 road accidents occurred in the country which left 30 people dead whereas 204 survived with injuries.

Butera says that most road accidents are caused by the non respect of basic traffic regulations by drivers which include; bad maneuvering of motorcyclists, careless driving, over speeding, and violation of road signage.

“Road accidents are easily preventable if drivers would follow the prevailing traffic rules and regulations. Drivers and motorists are being reminded to pay attention and focus on the road instead of talking on phones while driving.”

To deal with the problem of road accidents, traffic police has at its disposal diverse strategies including speed radars that detect over speeding vehicles, Alcohol tests used to detect drunk drivers, Traffic Police check points to name but a few.

All these efforts are supplemented by the continuous sensitization of all road users especially drivers to avoid traffic violations and carelessness on roads.

According to statistics, at least a person dies every day from road accident. This grim factor can only change if all road users participated in ensuring that every journey is a safe one.

Every year Rwanda National Police conducts a traffic week, an event aimed at sensitizing all road users to contribute towards the reduction of road accidents.

During these campaigns, instead of dishing out fines traffic Police officers duly remind motorists about the dangers of violating traffic rules and regulations.

Rwanda National Police has conducted several road awareness campaigns aimed at enforcing road security, including the annual Traffic Week where more signposts have been erected, especially in hotspots.

The campaign focuses an all road users including motorists, pedestrians, and students among others. Police continues to urge passengers to report drivers who over speed so that they can be intercepted before they lead those they are carrying to demise.

Chief Inspector of Police, Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi who is the Spokesperson of the Traffic and Road Safety in Rwanda National Police said most road accidents are caused by careless driving, over speeding, violation of road signage.

“Preventing these accidents is practically possible, if drivers exercised the proper care and diligence that is required,” stated CIP Ndushabandi “Vehicle accidents are easily preventable if drivers would follow the prevailing traffic rules and regulations,”

According to Ndushabandi, during the weekend, road users, especially drivers enjoy irresponsibly, some drink excessively and drive under the influence of alcohol, leading to deadly accidents.

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