Regional Police Cooperation rewarding in the fight against Vehicle theft

Regional Police -cooperation has registered results in fight against trans-national crimes in general but especially motor vehicle theft.

According to Police statistics, over the past three years, Rwanda National Police managed to intercept four foreign registered vehicles that had been stolen from neighboring countries.

Chief Inspect of Police Ismail Baguma, the director of Interpol in Rwanda National Police, says that the cooperation between Police institutions in the region have yielded enough results in fighting cross border crimes particularly motor vehicle theft.

Baguma added that the use of 1/247 by regional Police institutions is yet another fundamental tool that has made motor vehicle theft minimal.

The 1/247 is an Interpol tool that facilitates Police institutions in the region and beyond to share and investigate information regarding law breakers who after committing crimes in one country flee to another country for fear of getting arrested in the countries where they committed that same crime.

In the frame work of the East African Police Chief Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) to which Rwanda subscribes, Baguma said that the regional police institution have from time to time conducted targeted operations to purposely fight and stop vehicles from getting stolen.

While talking on the partnership of the regional law enforcing organs, it is paramount to note that the achievements recorded do not only lead to peace and stability but also to easy and free trade among regional countries and thus development.

Asked on future plans to cement the already existing working relations among regional Police forces, Baguma noted that, Rwanda National Police in partnership with the rest of Police forces from EAC will this month launch the EAPCCO Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate, a tool Baguma explained is designed to fight motor vehicle theft in the region.

According to Baguma, the EAPCCO Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate is a soft ware that will aid Police institutions from EAC access vehicles entering their respective countries.

In a bid to further fight and prevent cross border crimes, Rwanda National Police on April 2, 2013 started the process of extending Interpol tools (1-24/7) on Airports and to all its borders.

Rwanda National Police recognizes and indeed is committed at partnering with all stakeholders to ensure peace and security both locally and internationally. It is in this frame work that the force has signed 34 Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with both regional Police forces as well as local institutions.

CIP Baguma appealed to the public to always share information with Rwanda National Police and other relevant authorities on any person or group of people suspected to be involved in criminal activities.

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