Ngoma: Police to investigate cooperative embezzled property

Ngoma: Police to investigate cooperative embezzled property

The management of Vision cooperative for cyclists in Ngoma District has revealed that the issue of corrupt leaders that made it collapse is due to be resolved.

 The former heads of ‘Amizero cooperative’ renamed ‘Vision cooperative’ today used close to three hectares land as security to access a bank loan which was embezzled by their then president.

 Cooperative members confirm the land was used as guarantee by former leaders since they have refused to hand the land documents to the new administrators of the cooperative.

Jean Claude Ndikumana, Vision cooperative president explains why that issue was not followed up in the last for months. “We wanted to bring back together our members because they had lost confidence in the cooperative due to bad leadership and mismanagement of funds.”

After waiting for some time, the police chief in Ngoma district assured the cooperative members that it is being worked on during the meeting cyclists and motorcyclists had with the police administration.

 Cooperative members say that the former cyclists’ cooperative president named Safari used the members’ money to buy a motorcycle before he fled the area to work in Kigali.

 To start a fresh and regain the confidence of the members, this cooperative changed the name from ‘Amizero cooperative’ to ‘Vision cooperative).

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