Kamonyi: Passengers decry overloaded taxicabs

Kamonyi:  Passengers decry overloaded taxicabs

Passengers that use Rugobagoba – Mugina road are complaining of tax drivers that overload them when transport fares do not change a thing.

While a minibus is licensed to carry 18 passengers, some taxis on this road carry 25 passengers in one taxi which is so uncomfortable to the road users.

What is worse is that some passengers do not see any harm in it and discourage whoever wants to oppose the idea of overloading, some passengers lament.

Some sustain body pain due to many people squeezing themselves in a small chair. In addition, passengers still pay Rwf600 for the journey even when they are sitting over each other.

One of the taxi drivers using Rugobagoba – Mugina road who preferred anynormous told the reporter that it’s all about making profits since the fixed money for the journeys is little.

Jean Marie Vianney Rwiririza, the executive secretary of Mugina sector says that Police is always on guard for such taxi drivers and the few who overload do it before and after road blocks.

Rwiriza asserts that RWf600 is not little money because coasters from Kigali to Mugina charge Rwf1000 yet its less of the distance.

Mugina sector executive secretary asks passengers to report taxis that overload as a way of fighting for their rights.

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