Huye: Motorcycle passengers advised to buy own hygienic caps

Motorcycle passengersMotorcyclists in Huye district say that buying the hygienic caps for the passengers makes them make loses since the passengers they carry are taken with little fare yet they have to buy the caps.

These caps that are meant to be given to the passengers are sold at Rwf40 yet the passengers pay Rwf 300 for even very distances, making it a problem for the motorcyclists to provide such.

“We really make loses with such fare which can never be increased for some customers”, said one motorcyclist from the district.

Vedesta Bugingo another motorcyclist said that the best thing to do here to make the passengers buy such caps since they can even use then many times.

“Since the motorcyclists use the cap once and on one customer, the best thing is for the customers to buy and keep them for further use”, added on Bugingo.

The passengers however said they can only buy such from the motorcyclist if they are to take them and use them whenever they want to

“Paying for the fare and then the caps is better if at all one is to take it and use it another time”, said Jean Nepo Gatete.

The motorcyclists are supposed to show the caps they bought before getting more which complicates the whole process again.

With this Assumpta Buranga in charge of providing good services in the district said that a conclusion should be reached and a solution found to help this programmes work.




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