Kayonza Residents excited over Bridge construction

 Residents of Rwimishinya cell in Rukara sector in Kayonza District and their counterparts of Kiramuruzi cell in Gakenke sector in Gatsibo District are excited about the bridge that is being built that will connect the two cells which will end the loneliness and open up trading routes.

Local people participating in the construction of the bridgeThe two cells are separated by a river that goes into Gakenke swamp and passing through needs a bridge so far which is under construction. The existing 2 trees that serve as a bridge leave a lot to be desired as no motorcycle or vehicle that can pass it as Adija Mukeshimana a motorcyclist in this area confirms.

“Many people pass this bridge with fractures and broken bones and even bruises especially in rainy season when the logs that connect the 2 cells are slippery” says Gaudence Mukarushema whose granddaughter is a victim of this bridge.

The bridge under construction is being built with much anticipation and especially it will ease people’s transportation as bicycles, motorcycles and vehicles will be passing through connecting both cells and the two districts.

“Travelling to Kiramuruzi necessitates you to walk a long distance even if u have transport fee, but with this bridge, it will be easier with vehicles passing through especially motorcycles” says a resident.


This bridge will be constructed worth Rwf1.200 that will be used to buy the equipment and tools necessary not mentioning the physical labour the residents of the cells are providing which would cost about Rwf7million.


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