Community policing week concludes with emphasis on Road Safety

Community policing week concludes with emphasis on Road SafetyThe Community Policing Week over the weekend with calls for the general public to be to improve road security in the country.

The Road Safety campaign which was held country wide followed other activities which included anti-GBV, anti-corruption, anti-fire outbreak and anti-drug campaigns which were held in the course of the week.

At the national level, the event was held in Kigali where police officers interacted with road users in Nyabugogo bus terminal, who include drivers, motorcycle operators and passengers and reminded them of their role in combating road traffic accidents and ensuring road security.

Later in the day, all roads led to Nyamirambo stadium where hundreds of motor operators gathered as they enhanced their cooperation with police to improve road safety, through a friendly football match. Similar friendly matches were held across the country.

Mr. Fidele Ndayisaba, the Mayor of the City of Kigali, reminded drivers and motorcycle operators who turned up that “security is key to development.”

“Most road accidents are avoidable, if road users act as responsible people by respecting traffic rules. That means even the innocent lives that perish in road accidents can be saved,” said Ndayisaba.

He observed that such accidents also affect the economy and families financially, since vehicles or motorcycles involved in accidents are the sometimes their only source of income.

Police statistics show that at least one person dies in road a accident everyday in Rwanda while at least six people get injured in road accidents daily.

“Passengers have a role to play by advising and reminding drivers to drive carefully, not to drive while on telephone, not to over speed, and inform concerned authorities if drivers continue to put their lives in danger,” said Supt. Theos Badege, the Commissioner for Public Relations and Community Policing (PR&CP).

Eric Nisingizwe, the President of FERWACOTAMO, a motorcycle operators cooperative society, while speaking to journalists, pledged “full commitment and partnership” with Rwanda National Police to enforce road security.

Nisingizwe said they are going to take measures to ensure that their members review the way they operate by respecting traffic rules, and where necessary penalize those that are characterized with bad behaviors.

Road traffic accidents are ranked the third leading cause of death worldwide after malaria and HIV/AIDS.

In Rwanda, most accidents are caused by negligence, over speeding, reckless driving and mechanical faults.

Last year, 4471 accidents were recorded countrywide. 943 of the recorded accidents were fatal, claiming 474 lives.


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