Rwanda : Residents demand for road completion

Residents demand for road completion

Residents of Rubavu district have called on local leaders to explain reasons why works on the Kiraga-Burushya road have not been completed for the last four years.

Residents say that the road is a major connection for business communities between Rubavu and Rutsiro districts in the western province of Rwanda. However, reports indicate that no explanation has been given to these communities on why the road construction project has been on a standstill since 2009.

The residents also said that the road has been deteriorating and destroyed by rains due to lack of pavements and water trenches to direct the rain water, which has made the road impassible for the users especially in the rainy seasons.

The district mayor in charge of economic affairs, Ezzechiel Nsengiyumva Buntu said that approved of the residents claims but stated that the district was doing everything possible to have the road completed as soon as possible.

The vice mayor said that the road construction project was brought to a standstill due to the hilly terrain and water from the Burehe stream. He however said that the district is carrying out a new feasibility study for a new construction plan, to resolve the problem at hand.

The Kiraga-Burushya road was constructed under the Vision 2020 Umurenge Program (VUP) since 2009, and hundreds of residents of Nyamyumba sector were previously employed on temporary basis to enable them to earn a living out of community development programs set by the district



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