Rwanda : Kabuga residents in need of a taxi park

Passengers and transport operators in Kabuga trading center are currently having a hard time with transport services due to lack of a proper parking lot for commuter buses that connect the center to Kigali and the eastern province.

This has been caused by delays in the completion of the construction of the new proposed taxi park in Kabuga- of which Gasabo District official say was caused by the imprisonment of the contractor- who was convicted of genocide crimes, thus causing a major setback in the project.

Most of the passenger buses are forced to park in a makeshift taxi park along the dusty roads where the load and offload passengers. Other omnibus drivers have resorted to taking the risks of carrying their operations along road shoulders-

Passengers say that these kinds of illegal operations have created more risks and breaks traffic regulations. While the taxi operators says that there is less on no option, and matters become worse during the rainy season.

However, passengers have also asked that in case the new taxi park is completed, the district must consider installation of public toilets and shades- which are some of the difficulties that they are facing today.

The representative of the taxi transport operators’ association (RFTC), Athanase Munyarubuga says that the district didn’t communicate on the issue of the updates of the construction work at the new taxi park site.

Apparently, workers at the site have also raised complaints of unpaid worker’s salaries as a result of the contractor being sent to jail.

The vice mayor in charge of economic affairs, says that the district is aware of all these issues and the unpaid arrears will be cleared from the remaining percentage that was supposed to be paid to the contractor.

On the issue of delayed construction works, Munara said that the remaining job will take at least one month to have the taxi park complete and operative. However, residents are doubtful that the project will be completed in the said time, and they alleged that the district has for the last six months made the same claims.

The whole construction work is expected to cost over Rwf353millions but already constructed area has evidently deteriorated due to delays for the last six months.


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