New Year visit to Baganda land, weird roads experience

It’s only when you cross the Rwandan border that you realize you have been living in the secret paradise. I decided to visit my friends in the neighboring country Uganda, the land of Baganda. Travelling has never been a nice idea for me but trust me I had to see my friends after many years.

It’s easy and enjoyable from Nyabugogo to Gatuna boarder since you don’t have to worry about the rough roads and all that. The other side of the country was quiet and uncongested since Christmas and the New Year is very well celebrated and so people had gone to towns, centers, villages and all those places that everyone felt to belong during the festival.

Kabale-Mbarara road turned a night mare but it is under construction. Safe and sound, we arrived in Mbarara at midday of January 1st 2013.First thing January 2nd 2013 was to think of making it back to Rwanda, the land of milk and honey.

As the year was just beginning, there was a bus scarcity so I boarded a taxi to Kabale and we had to make rounds in Mbarara town looking for more people to fill the empty seats. The stroll around town was the best adventure of that day.

New Year visit to Baganda land









Fast developing, business in town is booming and you can tell from the way shops are stocked to the maximum. As a way of development, residents exercise freedom to the fullest meaning that a stall on the road side wouldn’t be a bad idea as long as the owner makes a living.

New Year visit to Baganda land1

In this pearl of Africa, everything is in plenty. Talk of food, people, garbage the list is endless. If you think like me that a motorcycle is meant for one person, then you should prepare your mind to imagine that a family fits on one motorcycle, its driver inclusive.

New Year visit to Baganda land2 New Year visit to Baganda land3








No uniform, no helmets, many men and young boys are motorcyclists in Mbarara town. Note that the style in which men sit on them differs from women, which shows some sense of cultural respect…’we think’.

Because everything is in plenty, garbage collection seems the hardest in this land of freedom. Most areas along the roads were marked with heaps of garbage as people and vehicles passed by as if nothing is wrong.

New Year visit to Baganda land4

On the roadside

New Year visit to Baganda land5

A small part of one of the taxi parks


A woman collecting garbage on the road 5 metres to the bus park

Food and fruits are sold near the road and their customers are passengers that use this road in addition to other passersby. You can get pumpkins, mangoes, watermelon, oranges, sugarcanes and many others at fair prices.

New Year visit to Baganda land7

Everything is possible here as every free space can be a motorcycle stage (boda boda stage)

New Year visit to Baganda land8Special taxis (voiture) from Kabale to Gatuna border carry people like no body’s business. A five seater car carries nine people the driver inclusive with four in front, but which they offload and put on bicycles and motorcycles before the police collects the car tax.




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