Rwanda | Ngoma: Taxi operators to gear infrastructure development

Drivers in Ngoma district have been advised to promote district’s development through participating in setting up infrastructures within their capacity.

This comes to life after some simple infrastructures like roads and street lights are destroyed and take long to be repaired waiting for the district administration to take action.

These infrastructures include security lights in Ngoma district Taxi Park, which residents can fix through forming cooperatives and take part in development.

When talking to the taxi drivers, the mayor of Ngoma district, Aphrodise Nambaje advised the drivers and motorcyclists to take part in the development.

“As youth, you should take part in the development of your district. It would be a good culture if a youth cooperative decides to put up new lights in the taxi park as they can help you carry out your activities easily.”

On the side of the taxi operators, they welcomed the idea but could not decide on measures immediately as it will take time to discuss it with their fellow members that were absent.

One cyclist asserted: “It’s a good idea because infrastructures are beneficial to us since it helps us in the daily work. However, we will talk about it in a general meeting.”

Infrastructures like roads are not developed in Ngoma district. Ngoma district Taxi Park has no lights yet people work during evening hours.




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