Rwanda | Ngoma: KIGOZI cooperative to encourage special hire taxis

KIGOZI cooperative to encourage special hire taxis

Taxi drivers under their KIGOZI cooperative have said that the district of Ngoma can very well use special hire cabs without any hindrances.


They said that “this district has no such taxis and it’s not because people cannot buy them but because of the low anxiety that they have”.


This cooperative KOGIZA announced that “this business cannot fail here since this district has many vehicles that work from there”.


The president of the cooperative Ernest Nsabuwonsenga said that “they were going to buy these taxis and was so hopeful they would benefit from them a lot”.


He added on saying that “they were going to get a loan from the bank and this will help them buy the cars and start this business”.


This cooperative has about 60 members with share of about Rwf 5 million who said that “this project will help fight the joblessness that exists in the district”.


Kabongo said that “this cooperative was an answer to many problems and a way of helping people gain dignity”.


He added on saying that “this cooperative still is going to help the drivers get their pay without any hindrances which was not the case before”.


This cooperative has already made deals with different banks which are going to lend it the money, but the main challenge now is getting a go ahead from the Rwanda cooperative authority.




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