Rwanda | Ngoma: A cooperative to advocate for unpaid drivers

A cooperative to advocate for unpaid drivers

Drivers in Ngoma have formed their cooperative “KIGOZI”, so that they could be able to fight for their rights especially those people who do not pay them and also get jobs for the unemployed.


This cooperative will help drivers who were working and not getting paid, and in the end even get case away from their jobs.


This cooperative will however give punishment to the badly behaved drivers at work and on their employers.


These drivers said that “it was so sad when a driver was caught in a bad act then he pays Rwf 50000 but later was dismissed from the job without any payment, adding on that this is what this cooperative is going to fight against”.


This cooperative which has about 60 members now has share of about Rwf 5 million.


For Kabongo a member of the cooperative, he said that “there are many drivers that are not paid by their employees and later discontinued from work was evident calling on other drivers to join the cooperative so that they could fight it”.


He added on saying that “when someone is working alone, it’s easy not to get paid but with the cooperative, this cannot happen adding on that they were even going to get lawyers for the cooperative, were the cooperative will get them the jobs and also sign the contracts”.


The president of the cooperative Ernest Nsabuwonsenga added on saying that “this cooperative is a profit oriented one, and has many projects that it wants to start like one of putting special hire cabs in the district”.


It will be getting jobs for the drivers in the different companies in Ngoma.




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