Rwanda | Rulindo: Akanozasuku causing more harm than good

Woman wearing a head cover (akanozasuku) that protects from unhygienic related diseases from helmets while on Motorcycle.

While head cover (akanozasuku) were introduced for health purposes due to shared helmets, head covers have become a problem between passengers and motorcyclists in Rulindo district.

Motorists in Rulindo district say that many passengers have not yet understood the importance of head covers while passengers say motorcyclists do not have them.

Because some passengers cannot put on helmets without these hygienic covers, the police ensure that every passenger is wearing akanozasuku in Rulindo district.

Antoine Habimana, a regular motorcycle passenger asserts a head cover is good to prevent diseases but some are busy spreading them through using one cover on more than five people.

“Whenever I ask for a head cover, they give me a used one meaning other people used it,” Habineza laments.

On the other side, passengers say that motorists should ask them to buy head covers for themselves in case they are expensive than to use one on many.

Jonathan Ngabo, a motorcyclist in Rulindo district adds: “Because there are rural roads, some people have never heard of it (akanozasuku).

“When a passenger does not ask for one, you keep quiet and use it next time another one asks for it, motorists express. However, police has made it a law to give a hygienic cover to every passenger,” motorists reveal.

Passengers in Rulindo district are requesting police administration to check if the motorcyclists have enough head covers to implement their desired goal.


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