Rwanda | Ruhango: Residents commend construction of the bridge

The residents of Gitwe center and Joma cell in Bweramana sector are so grateful for the construction of the bridge since it is going to help them carry out their work very well.

They said that “during the rainy season this bridge would get full, and therefore crossing would cost some one Rwf100, and therefore were happy that they would no longer have to pay since now they can cross over to another side very well”.

Construction of the bridge going on

Construction of the bridge going on

Mukarubaye one of the residents in the area was so grateful saying that” they no longer even got cars to their place but now this was solved”.

Students were also grateful for the bridge construction since without Rwf100, to cross over they could just go back home foregoing studies.

Epimaque Twagirimana the assistant in finance and development said that “they were going to see to it the construction of the bridge is done quickly, so that people can start doing their businesses with the people across”.

The construction of this bridge started in 09/2012 and will be built in 5months and will cost about Rwf30 million

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