Rwanda | Gakenke: Cyacika Bridge to be reconstructed

Residents of Muyongwe sector in Gakenke district request that the bridge that connects their sector and their neighbouring Rushashi sector to be constructed soon to enable their trade and relationship.

Cyacika Bridge to be reconstructed

Jean Claude Habanabakize the executive secretary of Muyongwe sector says that if this bridge I constructed would shorten the journey to the district which will take 30 minutes of their time on a motorcycle instead of passing in Rulindo district taking a journey of 1hr30 minutes.

With the construction of this bridge, residents of Gakenke, Gashenyi and Rushashi sectors would be able to attend Muyongwe market and make their trade easier and lucrative.

Cyacika River which has a lot of over flooding water from mountains had swept over this bridge and also the lives of about 10 people who lived near this bridge.

Due to the strong density of the water from Cyacika River people need a strong bridge made of stones that cannot be swept over and destroyed by the water but this cannot be constructed by the people themselves with no government support.

The vice mayor for finance and economic development in the company of technicians from the district visited Cyacika River on the 30th.Oct.2012 and decided to do a complex study of the bridge to be constructed and which will be costly.

People who want to cross over this River pass through the water and when it rains before coming over, water floods and becomes too dangerous and people are forced to spend the night over since there is no any other way to pass through.



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