Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Buhinga-Tyazo road construction to boost transportation

Motorcyclists in Nyamasheke district are optimistic that Buhinga-Tyazo road construction will improve their transport business and save their motors from damage.

Motorcyclists at Kabeza centre in kagano sector of Nyamasheke district reveal this as the road construction activities are going on.

Before construction, Buhinga-Tyazo road was muddy preventing us from getting passengers, motorcyclists say.

Valens Ndagijimana, a motorcyclist on this road narrates that the construction of the road has made the place clean and increased on the passengers that use the road.

Marcellin Mugambi, a motorcyclist in this place confirms that whenever it rained,  motocycles could move with difficulty as mudguards could be full of mud.

He adds that in this situation, people could not use motorcycles however much you could beg and explain.

However, people are willingly taking motorcycles ever since the construction of Buhinga-Tyazo road, asserts Mugambi.

Buhinga-Tyazo road in Nyamasheke district joins Bushekeri, Kagano na Kanjongo sectors. Second to Rusizi-Kigali road that passes in this district, Buhinga-Tyazo road is the first tarmac road used by many people in Nyamasheke district.

The construction activities are expected to end before December 2012.


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