Rwanda : Nyamagabe roads under construction

Nyamagabe district is going to open up the construction process of the 2.400 Kilometers stone road in Nyamagabe town which will add to the many roads that were recently constructed in this town.

Philbert Mugisha the Nyamagabe district mayor said that the tender for constructing this road has already been given out and they are just waiting for the project to start.

Though roads in Nyamagabe district are being constructed, there is still a limitation of people who steal sand in the roads to be sold or in their own construction sites thus destroying the constructed roads.

Immaculée Mukarwego Umuhoza the voice mayor for finance and economic development in Nyamagabe district asked people to take care and protect these roads because they were constructed for the good welfare of local people not only the district.

Local people were asked to act as their neighbours’ eye watching over their infrastructure while protecting them to get people to the development which is their main goal.

In order to beautify Nyamagabe town and for the sake of people’s security, the district is planning on electing city lights on the roads in the town on about 2.5 Kilometers and even replacing the lights that are no longer functioning.


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