Rwanda | Ngororero: Residents decry poor transport and rough roads

Some of the residents in place where they constructed roads say that these roads are not being constructive to them yet they gave in their land from which they used to do farming and also did a lot during the community monthly work to bring them into existence yet there are not being used by them

Sometimes you find these roads with bushes with small roads that people pass through like it was before they were put their

The main problem why these roads are not yet constructed is the fact that they need some drainage which these people cannot do alone without the help of the district.

Marie Chantal Mukarukundo a resident kibingo village in Muhororo sector said that “they cannot see any help these roads are offering them since they thought cars would be reaching their homes but up to now there are still using their legs. She adds on that instead they lost because they have not got anything profitable from them”.

Jacque Mugiraneza said that “the work of starting on the roads was started and finishing them will take some little time and it will be done depending on the ones that are needed by the people, adding on that all of them will be worked on with the help of the district and the residents”.

He asked the people that reside near the roads not to spoil them saying that developing their area they also have to take part adding on that after they are finished it will not be possible to know that they have many roads since this place is surrounded by many hills that need to be cleaned up.






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