Rwanda | Nyarubuye: KOTMNYA cooperative celebrates its achievements

A motorcyclists cooperative (KOTMNYA) in Nyarubuye sector of Kirehe district, on September 14th 2012 held a get together party to celebrate its achievements.

Among the achievements are obtaining medical insurance (mituelle de santé) and some members that acquired their own motorcycles.

Nyarubuye is located 15 kilometers away from the tarmac road and there are no taxis in this area which leaves motorcycles with all the work of transporting people.

Fred Ntaganzwa, cooperative president narrates that they started a motorcyclists cooperative after realizing there are no taxis in Nyarubuye. It started with 4 members but now has 54 members.

Reveriyani Ndaruhutse adds “I was hiring a motorcycle in the beginning but I bought mine which helps me to provide for my family and participate in the developmental activities of the cooperative.”

Antoine Karasira, executive secretary of Nyarubuye sector asked cooperative members to be active members of society in development activities like community work.

KOTMNY cooperative started in 2008 and all its 54 members have paid for medical insurance through this cooperative.


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