Rwanda | Nyagatare: Cyenkwanzi residents build a bridge after government delayed

NyagatareDistResidents of Cyenkwanzi Cell in Karama sector in Nyagatare district constructed a bridge that joins Cyankwazi to Bushara cell, Kabuga health centre and Bushara primary school

This comes to life as a quick solution after six months as they wait for the government to rectify the problem. The bridge helps Cyankwanzi cell residents to access schools and health services.

While putting together timber, one resident narrated: “This bridge is used when taking bananas to Nyagatare town, but when it rains water covers it and people cannot cross over.”

Residents with the support of Karama sector administration build the bridge with trees but they confess the bridge is not strong for vehicles to pass on.

Alexis Karengera Katabogama, executive secretary of Karama adds that only people, bicycles and motorcycles can use this bridge.

He explains that extra support is needed to build a stronger bridge so that vehicles use transporting food stuffs to the markets.

Alexis Karengera who says the bridge is used by all residents in Karama, Gatunda and Karagwe sectors in Nyagatare district, reveals that the issue has been addressed to the district authorities and included in this year’s financial budget.

Karama sector administration asks Nyagatare district authorities to include the bridge issue in the priorities because it is used to protect residents’ lives.

Repairing the bridge in Cyankwanzi cell is estimated to cost between Rwf10 and Rwf15 million.



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