Rwanda : 70 injured in Gaaga bus accident


At least 70 passengers were serious injured in an accident involving a Kigali bound bus, Gaaga express on September 8, 2012, on the Kigali-Butare highway.

The bus was coming from Bujumbura, Burundi, heading to Kigali, Rwanda; at about 11.45 am, when it lost control and swayed off road at the Giticyinyoni junction- just five drive minutes away from the Kigali central bus park.

The Gaaga Bus was wrecked completely after rolling upside down and the bus lay in a nearby garden as residents came to rescue the situation at the scene of the accident. The injured passengers were also rushed to nearby clinics and no one was reported dead.

According to eyewitness in the bus, who looked sober, the accident was caused when its driver () tried to overtake a vehicle ahead of the bus, only to be intercepted by another Dyna truck on the other side of the road.

At this point, I remember seeing the driver suddenly tried to avoid a head on collusion which immediately forced our bus to overturn instead” one passenger said.

The passengers spent over one hour waiting for the Gaaga bus company to solicit for means of transport to the city center for its passenger.

The driver of the Dyna truck, Innocent Nshimiyimana, whose truck was also knocked by other vehicles during the course of the accident, said that the Gaaga bus was over speeding and he tried to avoid a collusion resulting to other vehicles crashing into his truck rear side.

A Statement from the traffic Police urged the motorists to be more responsible and avoid high speed on the highways so as to save more lives. The Kigali-Butare highway is one of the most dangerous stretches which accounts for many road accidents due to the numerous bends along the road.







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