Rwanda : Passengers prefer harmonization of conductors’ system to barn

As a move to simplify public transport, the commuter taxes conductors,“abakonvayeri” are to be evicted from their everyday work.

Passengers say that these tax conductors are of importance since they speed up work in several activities as a co driver.

However the local passengers claim that the only negativity about these driver helpers is that sometimes they demand more transport fare than the one agreed upon.

And in this, the local passengers are urging the system to be harmonized by wearing uniforms that distinguishes them from other passenger callers/abakarasi.

The drivers also say that it is very hectic and it may delays them in their journey since the driver can’t act as a driver and at the same time a conductor/co-driver.

Drivers added that since their buses are not express agencies, they therefore go while picking up people on the route which is hard for them to drive while unloading and loading the passengers’ languages on their buses at the same time.

 “While on the route, we go one directing the passengers’ who don’t know their exact stopovers and the same time receiving money which can’t be done by a driver on the steering” John Nsabimana, taxi conductor says.

He added that also conductors keep the safety of their vehicles when the driver is in other activities and while driving.

Since the youth are the majority unemployed, they also added that their work helps them to even access the driving experience and hence being future drivers.

Driver helpers urge government to keep them working since they deal with the undisciplined passengers who want confuse the driver about their departure and destination.

These bus taxi co-drivers admit the use of uniforms to distinguish them from other people like passenger callers/abakarasi who confuse the passengers on the transport fare.

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