Rwanda | Nyamasheke: road construction progress promises to solve transport problem

The road that had blocked the building of Gatare tea factory in Karambi sector in Nyamasheke district as the vehicles could not transport the tools and equipment to the site is under construction.

Nyamasheke  road construction progress promises to solve transport problem

This Hanika-Kivugiza road which has about 22 kilometers will be constructed by local people and they have already started to build it in many parts of the 2 sectors that the road passes of Macuba and Karambi with the help of machines to work where their efforts cannot do.

As it was said in the meeting for the commission that follows Gatare Tea Project (GTP) and the district administration on the 13th.Aug.2012, there are already 504 million francs that will be used in constructing this road and a part of this amount will be given to people to do the labour in a way of employing them.

This commission that is led by Charles Bahizi the vice mayor for finance and economic development, asked that people who will be employed to work on this road should be paid on time so that nothing will distract the construction of this road and by the time of rainy season the construction be at almost its end.

This commission also said that workers be provided with the equipment they will need in their work like spades, pike and wheel barrows so that construction work be done quickly.

In the security meeting that met on 7th.Aug.2012, people said that they are happy for the construction of this road. However, they showed concern of their properties that will be destroyed in this road construction and they wish to be repaid for their properties worth.

Bahizi agreed with the local people saying that even though they are going to gain development project like roads, people should not occur losses because of it.  The commission said that people’s properties should be counted and be presented to the responsible levels for their owners to be repaid.

This road is being built courtesy the promise made by the Prime Minister when he visited Nyamasheke district on the 10th &11th.Feb.2012.


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