Rwanda : EAC to have common laws on old cars

In order to harmonize EAC laws, countries in the bloc are trying to set up minimum years for the vehicles to be allowed to cruise around EAC roads.

Even if member countries so far have not set up or agreed on common years to adopt, some countries have moved forward and have introduced so far minimum age for a car to enter on their soil.

Kenya has already alerted its customs officers that cars manufactured before 2000 will not be allowed to enter on Kenyan soil.

In Rwanda, there’s an ongoing survey that is trying to collect different views from people, on which minimum car age for Rwanda to adopt in order to curb old used cars that are blamed to pollute environment.

Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) is one of the government institutions that are taking part in the survey as an environmental protection watchdog.

“Rwanda is looking on possibilities to curb down those old cars, since it was found out that smokes from these cars aren’t environmental friendly” Israel Dufatanye, an Environmental Inspector officer with REMA says.

He added that we are trying to make sure that this law will not harm anyone, and also we can’t of course just act like Kenya because our economy and purchasing power  is not the same.

These long time cars had been thrown out by developed countries to protect their climate and to have them in African is a problem of destroying the climate.

Old cars are mainly the causers of many road accidents in the country which claims millions of people’s lives.

The survey is coordinated by the infrastructure ministry, especially in transport department.






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