Rwanda : Mineduc calls for convenience in students-transportation

Mineduc calls for convenience in students-transportation

The state minister of education, Mathias Harebamungu has called on transport agencies to ensure that the period of transporting students at the end of the second semester should made easier.

Harebamungu asked the transport agencies to make an extra effort of sending minibuses to schools located in districts that are not in their usual routes of operations.

The minister was last week meeting with stakeholders involved in the transportation activities of students, to plan strategies of organizing transportation activities for this end of semester, due this Friday 20 July 2012.

The meeting was attended by officials from the National Police, RURA, MININFRA, ONATRACOM, ATPR, and Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperation (RFTC).

According the new transportation plan, students will be released from their respective schools in three phases, especially those attending school in the countryside.

This will be conducted by the government owned transport company (Onatracom) and other private transport companies in Kigali.

Transport agencies made a commitment to taking full responsibility over the process of transporting the students.

They stated that it will be much flexible for business operations since three phase plan provides ample time to do usual business.

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