Rwanda : More construction companies needed in Rwanda

More construction companies needed in Rwanda

The State Minister of Transport at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Dr. Alex Nzahabwanimana has said that Rwanda needs more local companies to contract the construction of roads, which makes up a large portion of the national budget.

Dr. Alex Nzahabwanimana has said that infrastructure sector has been allocated biggest part of the national budget because it has advantages to the country and to its people; and especially in implementing projects in terms of transport infrastructures.

The state minister made the remarks while touring, one of the biggest local Rwandan construction companies – NDP – COTRACO, on July 5, 2012 in Kicukiro district, Kigali city.

The tour was aimed at creating support for the growing home construction companies- which is one of the lucrative projects in Rwanda since the genocide in 1994- needed for the rebuilding of the country that was torn apart 18 years ago.

Nzahabwanimana said that NPD-COTRACO has taken on major road construction projects and executing them satisfactorily, but there is need to have more companies that can fill in the demand for construction projects as indicated in the 2012/13 budget allocation for infrastructure development in this fiscal year.

The ministry of finance allocated a large budget to the infrastructure sector- Rwf321.2 billion, about 23.3 percent of the total budget, and represents a 25% increase compared to the 2011/12 revised budget.

“I think it has a potential of taking on even bigger projects if given required support. I chose to come and discuss with the group so they can share the challenges they face and discuss with them solutions to the problems,” Nzahabwanimana said.

Nzahabwanimana challenged COTRACO to start bidding for bigger tenders as this is the only way the company can gain experience and better its competitiveness against other global players- who have taken up most of the major construction projects in the country.

The General Manager of COTRACO, Mr. Jean Gatarayiha Sendahangarwa requested the Minister to support local companies in the process of growth, helping them to gain experience, and offer first priority and opportunities to locals during the offer of tenders in order to give them ground for growth.

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