Rwanda : Over 17, 700 undergo driving tests

A police officer instructs a driver during driving tests in Kigali

A police officer instructs a driver during driving tests in Kigali

Traffic Police has been for the last one week conducting driving tests around the country where a total of 17, 760 people participated.

In Kigali alone, 7, 857 people underwent driving tests at Amahoro National Stadium in Gasabo district, Gahanga in Kicukiro district and Nyamirambo Stadium in Nyarugenge district.

Ramadhan Munyabuhoro, one of the driving license seekers commended traffic police’s ability to reduce overcrowding during test times lately.

“Previously, there were congestion problems at venues but today exams are done in an organized way which shows a big improvement by Traffic Police”, Munyabuhoro noted.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Venant Rubayiza who is the acting Traffic Police chief examiner pointed out that the e-registration has helped eradicate queues and congestions during registration as in the past it was done manually. He noted that today the publication of results is online.

CIP Rubayiza also noted that despite lack of congestion there were still a few challenges such as late payments and arrivals to undergo driving tests.

Meanwhile 26,829 people participated in the written provisional driving test all over the country.




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