Rwanda : Rwanda Import export transportation fair reduced to facilitate cross border trade

Rwanda Import export transportation fair reduced to facilitate cross border trade

Heavyweight Transport Association in Rwanda has this Monday May,28th  2012 revealed that the cost of transport for exports and imports has been greatly reduced due to various measures taken by the Rwandan government to facilitate trade with neighboring countries.

According to Theodore Murenzi, Secretary General of the Association of Trucks and trailer Carriers in Rwanda, the cost of transport on export goods is currently reduced to 2.250 and 5.000 U.S. dollars for imports at the time it was up to 10,000 dollars or even more.
“The Rwandan government has implemented a lot of measures that have made international transport faster,” noted Murenzi during a press conference at the headquarters of the Private Sector Federation.
“Currently, it does not take more than 7 days to arrive to Mombasa” he added.

Measure mentioned by the representative of the Truck carriers includes the installation of scanners at the borders of Rwanda that verify the type of goods in the container without unloading the truck, the use of ICT and the Single Window Clearance among others.
“A truck does not exceed 25 minutes at the Rwandan border, but before these measures were taken, drivers could spend several hours to be cleared,” explained Murenzi.
According to Murenzi, problems in international road transport accounts for only 5% on the Rwandan side, while neighboring countries are responsible for 95% emanating from corruption.
Murenzi also asserts that even if the Malaba border in Kenya currently operates for 24 hours, the staff remains small and hence delaying the carriers who have to wait for several hours.
However, Murenzi revealed that mechanisms for resolving problems in the international transport sector have been set up and hopes that everything will gradually get better.Hannington McNamara, Executive Secretary of the Private Sector Federation urged the private sector to exploit the good leadership that Rwanda has by working hard.


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