Rwanda : Raise your voices for your safety, passengers told

Raise your voices for your safety, passengers told








Accidents such as these can be averted if passengers refuse to be recklessly driven (courtesy photo)

The Police have called on passengers to always rebuke over speeding drivers and avert possible accidents resulting in bad driving.

The police are specially irked by the fact that many passengers decide to keep quiet and look on in shock as drivers over speed their way out without reprimanding them.

“It is very disturbing to see how passengers keep quiet as reckless drivers put their lives at great risk through over speeding and reckless driving,” said a statement on the force’s website.

‘The result is always catastrophic. It leads to death, injuries, misery to name but a few. Yet if passengers decided to take charge of the situation and refuse to be driven like sheep to a slaughterhouse, they could easily influence the driver to keep within speed limits,” the statement further said.

Police statistics indicate that at least one person dies every day from road accidents. This is very troubling given the fact that they are our friend’s relatives and colleagues who perish in circumstances that are easily avoidable.

While Police has pushed hard to ensure reduced accidents by sensitizing motorists, passengers and all road users violating traffic regulations continue to take lives of Rwandans every day.

Police has tripled the traffic Police detail on the roads; hiked traffic violation fines, confiscated vehicles and driving permits for vicious traffic offenders but still the situation is still grim.

Passengers are urged to liaise with Police and ensure that over speeding and reckless driver are apprehended.

Rwanda National Police particularly requests members of the public to report any traffic violation by drivers and motorcyclists so that they can be apprehended before they cause accidents that most of the time turnout to be fatal.


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