Rwanda : Pedestrians urged to be carefull while crossing the road

Rwanda | Careless crossing practices such as this one can cause death

Careless crossing practices such as this one can cause death

The National Police advises pedestrians using roads especially Kigali city roads to be very careful while crossing during rush hours to avoid accidents.

This comes at a time when the police are continuing to implement strategies to ensure road safety. They say that challenges such as improper use of zebra crossing are still common on different roads across the country.

“The problem is much evident in Kigali especially during busy hours when people are hurrying to and from work and school, the police say.

Zebra crossing gives priority to pedestrians to cross to the other side of the road, however, it doesn’t mean that they can cross wherever they like.

“People must always bear in mind that priority is not security. As a result pedestrians should always make it a point to apply basic crossing procedures by watching left, right and left again  to make sure there no vehicles that are close by before crossing,” says a statement from the Traffic Police Department.

Furthermore, pedestrians are advised to walk fast while crossing the road, avoid staying longer on zebra crossings and avoid making phone calls while crossing roads.

Sometimes pedestrians particularly students’ make zebra crossing a play ground without the knowledge that their lives are in danger.

Meanwhile, the police are planning to conduct a road safety campaign dubbed “traffic week” which is in offing. Police conducts these sensitizations every year to raise awareness on the need to observe safety on roads.


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