Rwanda : Nyabihu: Improving infrastructure for development proceeds

Rwanda | Signposts are being put on the roads

Signposts are being put on the roads

Rwanda grows fast, so do some of its parts especially by residents improving infrastructure such as roads, whereby residents repair; clean and restore signposts on the roads.

In Nyabihu district, roads through villages, trading centres are being improved through cleanliness and repairing.

Roads in Kazuba village of Mukamira sector and Bikingi village of Bigogwe sector are being filled with stones which will ease transportation between the sectors.

William, Agronomist in Nyabihu district asserts that the advisory committee has approved Nyabihu town master plan which will be implemented soon.

The aim of improving and cleaning roads is to ease transport to make Nyabihu district which currently has no hotel; a big town.

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