Rwanda : The number of road accidents raise over the weekend – Police

Rwanda |  Accidents like these increase on weekends

Accidents like these increase on weekends

The police have said that the number of accidents tend to rise over the weekend and are mostly as a result of drunk driving.

Police reports show that on Friday June 22 alone, six cases of traffic accidents were reported country wide. One person died while five sustained injuries.

Drunk driving is said to lead to low levels of concentration which lead to unintended accidents that result in loss of life or sustaining major injuries.

Traffic Police urges drivers to avoid drunk driving. It calls on all drivers to observe traffic laws and drive responsibly.

In a statement signed by traffic Police, drivers were advised to always wear seatbelts, avoiding calling, sending and receiving messages while driving, desist  driving while drunk, improper use of Zebra crossing and always to observe  road signage and respect other road users.

Police statistics indicate the major causes of accidents as reckless driving, bad maneuvers, over speeding poor mechanical conditions of vehicle poor state of roads and rainfall.

According to Chief Superintendent Celestin Twahirwa the Traffic Police commander, the force has sensitized taxi drivers many times and transporting agencies to address those challenges and that the campaign continues.

“We have put in place the mechanisms to reduce even those minor cases of accidents. We have increased traffic police officers on checking posts, CCTV cameras, patrol cars and motorcycles, speed radars and we are also working hand in hand with Motor vehicle Inspection Centre (MIC) which has capacity to control mechanical defaults of vehicles,” said Twahirwa to Rwandatransport.


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