Rwanda | Ngoma: “We overload to help passengers” Taxi men

Ngoma  “We overload to help passengers” Taxi men







Drivers that make routes on murram roads do overload passengers in the name of helping them as they cannot get other taxis once left at boarding points.

There are a few taxis going to some remote destinations yet the roads are quite bad. When a tax leaves, it does not come back and one is likely not to get another taxi.

Because of the scarcity, taxi drivers have used the opportunity to overload passengers whereby a seat for four people carries five people.

Although passengers agree it’s a mistake, they confess to have no big problem with it, since leaving your neighbor at the road side in the evening does not portray humanity.

Kayitare, a resident of Muzingira expressed “To me, I would sit uncomfortably than leaving a neighbor at the road in the dark. But when drivers do it unnecessarily get more money, they should be punished.”

However, drivers point out that they overload out of sympathy because some people pass through dangerous paths where they might get a problem during dark.

One driver who preferred anynormous confesses they do it out of sympathy but mainly they imitate ONATRACOM buses we see in villages.

During the meeting Eastern Province Police official, Chief Superintendent Alexandre Muhirwa had with motorcyclists and taxi men on June 6th 2012, he asserted that whoever will be caught in a mistake will be punished by the law.


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